Launch Viral Traffic Building Ecommerce Chat Bots To Increase Subscribers & Sales, Auto-Post Across Eight Social Media Platforms, Handle Customer Service, Email Marketing, SMS Text Promotions And So Much More!

Plus Our “Smart Article Generating Tool” So Good, You’d Think A Human Wrote Them For You!…

Incredible Fact 

“3.6 Billion People Are On Social Medial!”


That’s absolutely staggering.

So let me ask you a question: Is YOUR business on social media?

Because if it’s not, you’re missing a huge opportunity to drive traffic, grow your subscribers, build your brand and get more sales.

Now you’ve probably kicked around the idea of starting up some social media marketing.

Maybe you’ve even signed up for a few accounts, but your results have been less than what you expected.

Until now…

Because you just stumbled on the key to unlocking social media’s full potential.

Any Business Can Boost Engagement, Traffic, Sales, And Response Rates With Custom FaceBook Messenger Chat Bots!…

What is a Facebook Messenger ChatBot?

A Facebook Messenger ChatBot is a piece of software that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to converse with people on Messenger automatically.

The Facebook Messenger Chatbot  can understand what the person’s question about your business is and send a reply that points them in the right direction.

A Chatbot can communicate on Messenger just like a human being could.
But even better, a Chatbot can work around the clock 24/7.

You Need To Pay Attention To This Marketing Strategy Because People Are Engaging With Businesses On FaceBook Messenger…

…By The Billions.


  • 260 million new conversations happen on the Facebook Messenger app every day.

  • Over 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger every month.

  • Facebook Messenger stats show that around 20 billion messages are exchanged between customer and businesses monthly.

  • The Facebook Messenger app is the all-time second most downloaded app on the iOS store.

  • Facebook Messenger Ads can reduce cost per lead by 30x-50x.

Get MORE HIGH QUALITY LEADS Because When People Interact With Your Chat Bot, FaceBook Gives You The Users…

…Real Name & Email!


And its likely their BEST email address, not some throw away email, as it’s the exact primary email address connected to their FaceBook Account.

It’s an instant “BACK DOOR” way to increase your email lead quality and greatly increase the chances that more REAL people see your messages.

Not only that… But now you have multiple ways to reach your subscribers.

You can set up message sequence and even broadcast multi media messages through Facebook directly to your Messenger Bot Subscribers similar to an email autoresponder.

Your chat bot messages can contain text, audio, video, pdf’s and other types of files.
You can even send Text SMS messages too.



Plus… You Can Display Entire eCommerce Stores Directly Inside Messenger With Order and Payment Options.


Meaning your customers never have to leave Messenger.

Remember… One of the “Golden Rules of Marketing”: Make it easy for people to order from you and you will make more money.

Are you starting to see the sheer marketing power Here?

Normally, YOU Would Need To Handle All Of The Computer Programming Required To Get Everything Set Up In All The Right Ways!…

 …Big Problem.

NO… Chances are you are probably not a genius level programmer.

NO… You probably don’t have the money to hire a team of top notch programming experts to create everything you would need to take full advantage of all the powerful “programing codes” and applications available through FaceBook and Instagram’s API platform.

NO… You don’t want to waste time. So even if you could do it all yourself, or pay a team of software and marketing geniuses to build an entire chat bot automation and marketing platform for you it could take you months or even years to get it done right.

Yes… Why not just skip all that and dive straight into a powerful, user friendly and easy set up platform that was designed by a team of programming specialists, specifically to meet your business needs.

– Introducing –

Hero Chat Bot!

Chat Bot Business Growth Tools That Puts Your Email, Text, Video And Social Media Marketing On Steroids With Human Like Conversations, Interactions And Demonstrations!


Power Up Your Social Media Marketing To A Whole New Level!

Building your own high level chat bots is easier than you think.

Once you get started today you’ll find that you can easily deploy new and more effective marketing strategies.

Get more inside data about your target market. Drive more traffic to your existing offers. All at your fingertips.

Use Automated Messenger Chat Bot Marketing To Boost Your Conversions And Sales!

Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook Messenger every day to communicate with friends and family.

But now you can take advantage of FaceBook and Instagram Messenger business applications.

 You can create automatic chat bots that answers customer questions, engages with them  and generates more sales even while you are not around.

Use Automated Messenger Chat Bot Marketing To Boost Your Conversions And Sales!

Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook Messenger every day to communicate with friends and family.

But now you can take advantage of FaceBook and Instagram  Messenger business applications.

 You can create automatic chat bots that answers customer questions, engages with them  and generates more sales even while you are not around.

Build Automated Ecommerce Stores That Dispaly Inside Messenger Or In A Browser!

Build an entire ecommere store and display it directly inside messenger. Sell products, digital downloads, take food orders, and sell services.

Combined with your chat bot you can easily directly people to your ecommerce website or specific products.

Take payments from multiple payment gateways such as Paypal Or Stripe.

Setup Restaurant Menus, With QR Codes And Take Food Orders!

You can setup restaurant and food ordering systems inside Messenger and outside of Messenger as well.

Inside Messenger customers don’t need to login or sign up, they can so they can submit orders easily.

Create adigital menu for your restaurant so customers can scan the code and view the menu on their mobile screen inside messenger or on any browser.

Step #1…

Point, Click, Drag And Drop…

…The Flow Builder Makes Building Chat Bots Easy!


Step #2…

Create Chat Bots Quickly…

…Visualize Each Step, Unlimited Canvas Space, Zoom In, Re-arrange Components And More!


Step #3…

No Coding Required…

…Just Type Text Or Upload Images, Videos Or Files Into Each Part Of Your Bot The End user Will See!


Now, let me tell you UP FRONT…

No you don’t need any experience to run a mega-successful social media campaign.

No you don’t need a large ad budget to run a social media campaign.

No you don’t even need a lot of time.



We’ve Made Automated Marketing Easy

White Hat And Ethical Social Media Auto Pilot Marketing Software…

… That Automatically Comments, Replies, Interacts With Customers, Gets You Viral Traffic, Builds Facebook And Instagram eCommerce Stores, Sells Digital And Physical Products, Shares Videos, Shares Images All With Human Like Chat Interaction.

Yes, Human Like Conversation and Interactions

All your new messenger bots can converse with your customers like a human. They can even ask for and store information about your visitors and use that information later to make the conversation more engaging.

Yes, Effective Social Media Marketing

Powerful and robust features to market your products and services via Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest – by automatically publishing posts and automatically replying to comments.

Yes, Full Featured Ecommerce Stores Inside Messenger

Build ecommerce stores that can be opened inside Messenger and a regular internet browser such as Chrome or FireFox. Your ChatBots can even sell your products and services automatically to your customers and take payments.

Yes, User Friendly Dashboard And Clean Styled Interface

Every feature has a friendly user interface. From your user dashboard, you can easily and smoothly create ChatBots and internet marketing campaigns for any of you multiple social media accounts. 

Yes, Takes Payments Via Multiple Payment Gateways

Supports multiple payment gateways including PayPal and Stripe.  You can take payments from your customers and clients quickly and easily.

Yes, Sends Email And SMS Text Messaging Broadcasts

Broadcasting can send and deliver Email and SMS Text marketing messages.  send Emails and SMS to all your subscribers’  automatically.

Schedule & Automatically Post Content To Your Social Media Accounts!


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress, Medium, And Pinterest


Get Started Today! 🙂

The Most Feature Packed All-In-One Chat Bot And Social Media Marketing Tools…

Sure there are other similar marketing services online. But NONE OF THEM, contain all the tools you need in one place.

Don’t waste time trying to to tie together multiple different chat bot and marketing systems that that aren’t all under one roof.

Just go ahead and click the “Join Now” button and get started today. Or scroll down to learn more.

– Hero Marketing Apps  –

1. FaceBook Messenger & ChatBot Hero


What Can It Do?!…

Messenger Hero App is the core application within Hero apps, and it is not just a ChatBot!

It can help with various tasks that you NEED to be doing to maximize your social media marketing such as…


  • Facebook and other Social Media Posting

  • Comment Automation

  • Messenger Broadcasting Campaigns

  • Create eCommerce Stores on Messenger

  • Food Order Taking

  • Customer Service

  • Email Marketing

  • SMS Text Message Marketing

  • Product Recommendations

  • And so much more…

Any Business Can Boost Engagement, Traffic, Sales, And Response Rates With Custom Messenger Chat Bots!

Get 10 Times The Response Rates

Compared To Just Using Email Marketing Alone!…


Full Featured Messenger Bot: Setup Messenger bot to reply for you in a human like fashion around the clock, every day of the week.


Automatic Comment: Allows you to set comment auto replies and comment private replies.


Send Messages To All Subscribers: Send messages to all your Messenger subscribers at the click of a button.


Complete Facebook Poster: You can post text, images, links, videos or carousels to your Facebook Pages & Groups subscribers and followers.


Send Messages To All Page Subscribers: Allows you to send messages to page all of your Facebook Page subscribers.


Send Automatic Comment Replies: Sending auto replies to your post’s commenters comments.


Send Automatic Privately Replies: Send 1-to-1 auto replies into your post’s commenters inbox, like a real human would.


Send Automatic Comment Likes: Automatically like your page’s new posts.


Send Multi Media Text, Image, Video And Link Posts: Post all types of media directly into Facebook pages.


Page Message Manager: Helps you to instantly see unread messages, send replies and also has live chatting capabilities.


Keyword Search Bot Reply: Helps to increase response rates by replying to inbox messages based on keywords.


Create A Persistent “Sticky” Menu: A customized menu options inside your page inbox to help people explore more about you.


– Hero Marketing Apps  –

2. FaceBook Viral Contest Traffic Hero


Create Viral Traffic Contests Without Any Extra Fees. ;-)…

Running your own viral contests on social media can bring you more and more traffic.

Give people a chance to win something valuable, and they will get excited.


  • They’ll like it.

  • They’ll share it.

  • They’ll comment on it.

  • They’ll email others about it.

  • They’ll click to visit your website.

Running contests like this used to be expensive and hard to manage, but now this makes it easy.

Any Business Can Boost Engagement, Traffic, Sales, And Response Rates With Viral Refer-A-Friend Giveaways & Social Media Contests!

Set-And-Forget Viral Traffic

People Enter Your Contests Just By Clicking The FB Connect Button, Adding Their Real Email To Your List!…


Cloud Hosted: You will have nothing to download or install, just log into your account and you are ready to get started.


Fully Automated: With a powerful “set and forget” contest system, customers simply, set it up with the right options then let Contest Hero do the rest.


Lead Generation: Built in functions for including your Facebook (or other) re-targeting code in your campaigns.


Unlimited Campaigns: Contest Hero is set up so you can create an unlimited number of campaigns, giving you maximum flexibility.


Image Library: Choose from 100’s of high conversion background images to make sure campaigns look great, or choose a color that you like.


Branding System: Every part of every campaign can be customized for color, style, images and more. None of your campaigns need to look the same.


Automated Countdowns: Set an expiry date and forget it, the app handles it all. It can redirect campaigns that have expired to the web page of your choice, or simply hide the countdown.


Auto Responder Integration: Direct integration with over 14 auto responder providers means you can take full advantage of Contest Hero list building capabilities.


Unlimited Entrants: Create massive viral contests with no limits to the numbers of entrants.


Promotional System: Use these campaigns to run special offers, sign people up to your list, enter a contest, pre-launch contests and more!


Video Backgrounds: Boost engagement and branding with fully animated video backgrounds. Embed any video and have it as a background!


Detailed Stats: A full statistics dashboard is provided for every campaign so you can see more information about your traffic.

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You Also Get All Of Our Best Add-Ons And Additional Marketing Software When You Join Today…

We mean business. For your business.
So we are going over-the-top to Over Deliver!

Right now you can get all of our additional add-on marketing tools that you would normally have to pay for separately all included for the same low price.

Just click the “Join Now” button . Or continue to scroll down to see all the add-ons that are included…

– Hero Marketing Apps  –

 3. FaceBook Auto Comment And Reply Enhancers


The Easy Way To Send Automated Human Like Comments & Replies…

Comment hide/delete: Defend Yourself. Defend Your Business.

Do you know how many of your customers of are being stolen by your competitors? Yes, your competitors are definitely spying your your page  and they could even be sending private message to potential customers that are  commenting on your page.

So hide comments after Hero App replies so that nobody can see the comment and prevent the stealing of your customers. You can also hide offensive comments based on keyword matching.

Multi-media comment reply: Make it look Ooooh So Good.

From now on you can send images, .gif files or even videos as a comment reply. Make your comment reply more attractive and effective using multi-media.

Full page campaigns: Go Big Or Go Home.

You can set comment & inbox reply campaigns, like & share campaign to display full page, one setting will work for the entire Facebook page. It’s a  quick process.

Tag campaign: Tag Your It, Get Them To Chase Your Over And Over

All the commenters will get a notification about your comment to get them to visit it again. You can make your post go viral again as the post will again start to display in peoples feed and also friends of commenters.

Mentioning the person or customer who commented in your reply will make it more personalized and a notification will be sent to each commenter.

Suppose your post has 1K comments and you want to reply to them all mentioning commenter’s name. You can do this by simply creating an easy to setup campaign.

– Hero Marketing Apps  –

 4. FaceBook Messenger Chat Bot Enhancers


Make Your Chat Bots Stand Out Grab Attention & Send Auto-Sequenced Promo Messages…

Messenger Checkbox Plugin: Letting Them Opt In?… CHECK!
Include the checkbox plugin in forms on your website to allow people to opt-in to receive messages from you on Messenger. This is useful for providing follow-up at a later time, such as confirmations and updates. This plugin only works in HTTPS websites.


Website to Messenger Plugin: Pull Website Visitors Into Your Chat Marketing!
The Send to Messenger plugin renders a button on your website that allows a person to opt-in to receive messages from you on Messenger. This is useful for providing follow-up at a later time, such as confirmations and updates. This plugin only works in HTTPS websites. Link & QR Code: Link Directly To Your Message Bot… Very Cool! is a shortened URL service operated by Facebook that redirects users to a person, page, or bot in Messenger. You can use them on your website, email newsletters, and more. The link for your bot allows you to link people directly to your Messenger bot. When the link is clicked, a conversation is automatically opened on or in the Messenger mobile app.


Customer Chat Plugin: Creating Customer Loyalty?… YEP!
The customer chat plugin allows you to integrate your Messenger experience directly into your website. This allows your customers to interact with your business anytime with the same personalized, rich-media experience they get in Messenger.


Subscriber Broadcast 24 Hour Promo: Make Sure They Know About The Promo!
Pages are permitted to send promotional message to subscribers, those has sent message to your page in last 24 hours. The 24-hour limit is refreshed each time a person responds to a business through one of the eligible actions listed in messenger conversation entry points. The targeted subscribers may be less than real count because eligible subscriber calculation algorithm of our system has been implemented by using 23 hours time frame and avoid risk.


Non-promo Message: Let’s Talk About This!
You can send non-promo message as much as you want to all your subscribers. Use broadcasting with message tag carefully. Messages must not contain any advertisement or promotional material & use the appropriate FB tag that`s is applicable for sending message to those people. Using message tag without proper reason may result in block your page`s messaging option by Facebook.



Sequence Messaging: Following up? Easy As Pie!
Much like an email auto-responder marketing strategy that sends, or “drips,” a pre-written set of messages to messenger bot subscribers over time. This feature can send 24 Hour promo and non-promotional message sequence to messenger bot subscribers. However, you can also change the campaign. 24 hour promo campaign can be set at 30 min, 1 hour to 23 hours and non-promotional campaign can be set at day 1 to day 30.

– Hero Marketing Apps  –

 5. FaceBook Messenger Connect Hero For Zappier & More


Connect To Over 1500 Other Apps To Make Your Business Go And Grow…

API Connector: Connect To 3rd Party Apps In A Snap!
JSON API connector sends JSON data to any of your provided external URL.

Once any specific event mentioned below is triggered, system will send json data to your provided webhook URL & it will wait for 10 second to get response.

If system does not get response in 10 seconds, it will send another post request to your webhook.

You can then process your data as you want. This feature can be used to connect our system with any third party app like Zapier or your own custom app.

Webview: The Place For More Interactive Marketing Space!
The Messenger Platform allows you to open a standard webview, where you can load webpages inside Messenger.

This lets you offer experiences and features that might be difficult to offer with message bubbles, such as picking products to buy, seats to book, or dates to reserve.

Concerts, Sports, Events: A ticket-search bot can display an interactive stadium seat map for choosing a seat.

Travel: A travel bot can provide travel preferences—aisle vs. window, inn vs. hotel, dietary needs—accessible from the persistent menu.

Dentists: A dental-appointment bot can display an interactive calendar for choosing an appointment slot.

News: A news bot can provide a multi-select list of topics to subscribe to.

Ecommerce: A commerce or brand bot can offer personal preferences to customize offers and free gifts.


Key Features: JSON API Connector…

  • Connect any 3rd party app like Zapier

  • Just provide a webhook URL to receive data

  • Works with messenger bot email/phone and postback events

  • Choose data fields you want to receive

  • Use data whatever and whenever you want

  • Ability to export webview data

Key Features: Webview…

  • Drag & drop webview form builder

  • Embed webview URL as button click action [text with buttons, generic template, carousel, media, images and videos]

  • Compact, tall & full webview loading

  • Process & store webview data in the Hero Apps platform

  • Form-wise & subscriber-wise collected webview data display

  • Export collected webview data to 3rd party app using JSON API connector

– Hero Marketing Apps  –

 6. VidCaster Live, Streaming Video Hero


Schedule “Live” Video Events Using Any Of Your Pre-Recorded Videos…

Automated Features: You get access to your very own Facebook Live Video streaming tool which allows you to go live in Facebook (Pages and Groups) with Pre-recorded video!

Share Everywhere: You can then share the “live” video event across all your pages. You can go live immediately or schedule live video for a future time and date.

Pre-Launch Event: Also you have the option to create a Live Event pre-launch for more engagement before actual live broadcasting.

Live Video Scheduling: Scheduling a Live Event makes it easier to build anticipation and buzz with your audience before your broadcast begins, so you can start strong with an audience already waiting for your video content.

Auto Announce The Live On Your Newsfeed: When you schedule a live event, an announcement post will be published to your News Feed letting your fans on Facebook know that the broadcast is coming.

Reminders To Your Fans: People who see the post can opt in to receive a one-time reminder notification that will alert them shortly before your broadcast begins.

Your fans can then join a pre-broadcast lobby directly before the live video starts, where they can connect and interact with other viewers.


Key Features

  • Enjoy the power of the Scheduling Feature

  • Create set-and-forget live video campaigns

  • No need to turn on your computer during your live broadcasts

  • Share across all your other pages

  • It’s push-button easy

  • Just import the FaceBook account in the Hero Apps Dashboard


  • Viewers spend 10 times more time watching live video

  • Users comment 10 times more on live video

  • Facebook sends a notification to fans about your live video

  • Live video typically places at the top of the news feed

  • Live video gets 10 times times more views than normal uploaded videos

 – Hero Marketing Apps  –

7. YouTube & WordPress Auto Post Hero


Post Your WordPress & YouTube Content To Your Social Media Accounts On Auto-Pilot…

This Is One The Best Features of Hero Apps:
It allows you to automatically market your business by posting your WordPress Blog Posts And YouTube Videos across your social media.

Easy To Set Up And Use:

Just you need to let the system know your WordPress blog URL and your Youtube channel ID and on which social media those blogs and videos need to be posted. That is it.

The System Will Work Continuously Automatically:
It will grab those new blog posts from your WordPress blog and new videos from your Youtube channel and publish them as a link post on the social media sites you specify. You can even post them on your social media at a time range with timezone.


Just Modify A Few Settings And It Operates On The Fly…

Key Features:

  • Shares WordPress blog’s new posts on different social media (configurable)

  • Shares YouTube channel’s new videos on different social media (configurable)

  • You can add multiple WordPress blogs and YouTube channels

  • You can stop sharing blog posts or channel videos at anytime

  • You can monitor error log activities for each and every blog or channel

  • It can be up and running with almost zero configuration

  • Options for sharing posts and videos in specific time zone and time range

– Hero Marketing Apps  –

8.Email & Text Message Campaign Hero


Create Email And SMS Sequence Messenger Marketing Campaigns…

This is just awesome. You will be able to create email, SMS drip or sequence campaign for FaceBook page’s Messenger subscribers.

You can quickly create campaigns for those that have email addresses & phone numbers in the system collected by your Hero Apps quick reply or email post-back buttons.

Key Features:

  • Create email & SMS Text sequence campaign

  • Edit campaigns

  • Assign sequence campaign during opt in

  • Bulk assign sequence campaign

  • Individual subscriber assign

  • Postback click assign

  • Hourly campaign settings

  • Daily campaign settings

  • Full report of sending

– Hero Marketing Apps  –

9. Easy Email And Phone Form Builder


Quickly Create Beautiful Opt In Forms To Build Your List Around The Clock…

The Drag & Drop email and phone opt-in form builder is easy to use.

Display the form on your website using the embedded code. You can even choose the position of the form and  set beautiful background images for your forms.

Plus, you can send Emails and Texts to your subscribers and you can deliver automated Email or Text sequence campaigns your subscribers as well.


Drag & Drop Form Builder:
You can drag & drop form options such as header, paragraph, input fields, button, etc. You can also edit, clone, and delete dragged & dropped fields contents within the very easiest way.

Build Opt-in Form with Form Position:
All we want to see the newsletter or opt-in form in a position in the website. So as ChatPion thinks customer needs, we also provide the form position options with this add-on.


Set Background for Form Body:
By default, form background will be white but You can enhance the form design by set up a background image for the form. Upload an image during form creation and you will see the image as background of the form body.

Assign Email/SMS sequence Campaign to Collected Subscribers:
There are options available during form creation of selecting Email/SMS sequence campaign. If you set them, collected subscribers will be assigned automatically to these Email/SMS sequence campaigns.

Process & Store Opt-in Form Data In Your Hero Apps Platform:
Just put the form into your website and will handle the rest of the task. Everything is processed & stored, including all your collected email addresses and phone subscribers, in your Hero Apps account for future use.

Send Automated Email SMS To ALL Opt-in Subscribers:

When you want to reach your subscribers with mass campaigns, you can select exactly which customers or prospects you want to reach by assigning them to “contact groups” which you can set for different groups subscribers that come from a specific form.

– Hero Marketing Apps  –

10. FaceBook User Input And Custom Fields Hero


Collect And Use Custom Information About Your Subscribers Instantly…

This is a Hero Apps add-on to make all your Messenger ChatBots more interactive.
With this add-on, you can collect data from users from directly inside Messenger.
It can be used for any kind of customer business need…

  • Reservations

  • Bookings,

  • Custom orders

  • Proposal submissions

  • Collecting emails

  • Collecting phone numbers

What is User Input Flow?

With user input flow you can ask a single or series of questions from users inside Messenger.

Once users give any answer, then the next question will be sent if you have set any.

These answers will be saved in your database & also can be saved as custom fields.

The customers response to answers can the be used later in your Messenger replies automatically.

– Hero Marketing Apps  –

11. Drag And Drop ChatBot Flow Builder


Visually Build, Edit And Deploy ChatBots Easily With No Coding Needed…

Build Visually: Hero Apps Flow Builder is the visual drag & drop version of our Facebook Messenger ChatBot builder and it’s a must have add-on. Flow Builder makes BOT building super easy.

Drag And Drop: With drag & drop features you can easily visualize everything from one place.

Graphical Editor: The Flow builder will provide you an overall view of the entire process of building your chatbot. It is a graphical editor where you can control all of the messages, actions, and interactions the user will take at each step of your chatbot’s “flow”.

Easy To Use: Simply put, this add-on makes your chatbot building process easier and faster. Most importantly, with your Hero Apps flow builder, you can easily get a “feel” for the sense of your all messages and make changes as needed.

Developed With You In Mind: This add-on was developed the with great care, passion, love, and dedication to make it extremely efficient, robust, and user-friendly.

UPDATE:  Flow Builder now has feature to set conditions and rules based on variables, custom fields , gender etc. So all your chatbots are now able to target and reply in a more convenient way.

– Hero Marketing Apps  –

12. Instagram Messenger And Chat Bot Hero 


Expand Your Marketing With Your Own Instagram Messenger Chat Bots!

Double Your Reach: IniChat is is your new “Chatbot for Instagram” developed with the official Instagram API. The Instagram BOT can do almost everything the Facebok Messenger bot can do and more.

Same Control As Your Facebook Messenger ChatBots: IniChat can reply to customer queries and provide information about products, offers, and discounts with text and image replies, generic templates, and carousels.

Automatic Reply To Story Mentions: IniChat can reply to anyone who posts about your  story mentions.

Automatic Quick Replies: With quick reply, it can collect your visitors user data such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Ecommerce Stores: Of course, IniChat allows your visitors shop and fans shop from your Ecommerce Store inside Instagram Messenger.

Automated Sequenced Messages: Also , it can send Sequence Messages… 24-hour promotional and Daily non-promotional messages.

Human Like Conversation: IniChat can collect current and original data from users in a conversational way. It can send private replies via Instagram Messenger to the users who have commented under your Instagram posts.

Flow Builder Compatible: Besides building ChatBots for Instagram using our Classic bot builder, you can easily build Instagram ChatBots using Flow Builder as well!

Create Semi-Intelligent Bots With “Conditions”: The Flow Builder has a special element called “Condition” which allows you can build condition-based intelligent Chatbots. By setting conditions based on the users’ data, your semi-intelligent Chatbots can make decisions based on certain conditions.

Here’s An  Example: If you have an ecommerce clothing store it can show your visitor all your apparel items based on gender, Male of Female. This way your intelligent Chatbots don’t send the same message to every person. Instead, it can send the right message to the right person at the right time.

 – Hero Marketing Apps  –

13. Instagram Reply

& Comment Enhancer


Defend, Engage And Grow Your Instagram Accounts On Auto-Pilot…

Defend Yourself, By Hiding And Deleting Certain Comments

Do you know how many of your customers are being stolen from your Instagram accounts by your competitors? They watch your Instagram accounts to see who comments under your Instagram posts. Thus, they know who your biggest fans and customers are and can send them private messages manually in an attempt to take them from you.


But Hero Apps “Comment Automation For Instagram” can solve that…

…By hiding or deleting comments after replying. Now, your rivals can’t see your customers’ comments, and can’t take them away from you anymore.

Also this feature can delete or hide abusive comments from a set of keywords that you supply (such as cursing). This way, this you keep your Instagram account’s image clean.


Full Account Auto-Comment Reply

In order to build engagement on Instagram, you have to reply to comments regularly. It is a tedious and time-consuming job. Unless you have a tool like this! 🙂

It can automatically reply to all incoming comments under any posts throughout your entire Instagram account. And you can use word spinning to give your comments a human like touch!


Auto Reply To Any Post or Comment Where You are Mentioned

Yes, you can even automatically reply to the comments and posts where you are mentioned by other people. That is, if a anyone “mentions” you in a comment or a post, the feature instantly will make a reply on your behalf. It also makes keyword-based replies as well.


Close More Sales And Get More Business

Just think, if prospective customer or client gets an instant reply after mentioning you in a comment, they might likely to do business with and buy from you!


See Everywhere You Are Tagged

You can see all the posts where you are tagged and the names of the accounts that have tagged you and the times when you are tagged. Also, you can easily visit the posts and the accounts by clicking on the posts’ ids and account names.


Enable Or Disable comments under any post on Instagram

If you’d like that no one be able to make comments under a specific post, you can always disable comments for any post of your Instagram accounts. Of course, you can always turn on and enable comments for the post later at the click of a button.



Check All The Comments Of A Post With One Click

Sometimes a single post of your Instagram account can get many comments, and you need to see all comments at once. On the interface of the ‘Comment automation for Instagram’, you can see all the comments in a single window just with a single click.


– Hero Marketing Apps  –

14. Ecommerce Product & Price Variation Hero


Let Customers Buy Different Sizes, Colors, Shapes, Of Products And Customize Food Orders…

This add-on will work for all your E-commerce stores in messenger built with Hero Apps.

You can set different prices for different attributes of the same product.

When your customer changes any attribute of the same product, you can set it up so the price will automatically be changed.

For example, if a customer changes the size of a product from small to medium, the price will automatically be changed.

That is, the price will “vary” for different attributes of the same product.

You can control…


  • Pricing: You can set different prices for small, medium, and large sizes of the same burger.

  • Sizes: You can set different sizes small, medium, large extra large for T-Shirts.

  • Colors: Add different color options for your products.

  • Custom: Selling custom shoes? Add different prices for different shoe sizes


– Hero Marketing Apps  –

15. Ecommerce Product Rating & Comment Hero


Past Customers Help You Get More Sales When You Let Them Leave Reviews And Ratings…

Product reviews should be an essential part of any online businesses marketing strategy.  Product reviews allows your past and current customers to provide you with FREE social proof that your products and services are worth paying for.

Especially when it comes to ecommerce, shoppers will almost always check the reviews of a product before making a purchase. Having more reviews on your products and services, may be the one thing that convinces browsers to go ahead and purchases from you instead of your competitors.

With this add-on your past customers will be able to easily and quickly leave reviews for you that will show up in your Messenger Ecommerce stores…

See Ratings Reviews Within Product Lists: When your ecommrce store products are listed within your Messenger ChatBots, the shopper will be able to see the star ratings for that product and the comment left from past buyers.


See Ratings and Reviews Withing Product Descriptions: This is similar to ratings and reviews withing a product list. When a shopper clicks on product to see more details about the product description, they will also be able to see the products “star” rating 1-5 and they will also be able to see the written reviews in the “Reviews Tab.”


No Fake Reviews Allowed: Only customers who have purchased through your Messenger eCommerce Stores are allow to leave a review on a product that they have purchased in the past.


Customers Can “Star” Rate A Product: Star ratings can be chosen by past customers on any individual product rating the product from 1 to 5 stars.


Customers Can Write A Product Review: Customer’s can leave a details written product review comment that other shoppers will be able to see when viewing the details of a specific product.

– Hero Marketing Apps  –

16. WooCommerce Store Integration Hero


Load Any Of Your  WooCommerce Products Directly Into FaceBook Messenger Bots…

Hero Apps integration for WooCommerce will automatically import all your WooCommerce store’s product entries as well as related categories and attributes.

Why WooCommerce?: WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform That Works With WordPress.

Key Features…

  • Load Products From WooCommerce: From the product list page you can select and export WooCommerce products to your Hero Apps ECommerce Store with just one click.

  • Uses WooCommerce API: WooCommerce comes with a REST API to manage everything from products to orders and this Ad on was built using the official WooCommerce REST API.

  • Use On Multiple WC Sites: Use on Multiple WooCommerce Sites/Stores.

  • View Products In FB Messenger: Load WooCommerce products inside Hero Apps webview within FacBook Messenger ChatBot Conversations.

– Hero Marketing Apps  –

17. WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Hero


Automatically Recover Lost WooCommerce Sales & Easily Add More Profits…

This add on can totally revolutionize your WooCommerce store.

If you have a shop based on WooCommerce you are losing money every time users abandon their cart without purchasing.

This add-on reduces abandoned cart purchases and boost earnings.

You will be able to create a downloadable WordPress plugin for your WooCommerce shop by selecting a specific Facebook page and domain name from the your Hero Apps dashboard.

You can then which can be install the plugin via your WordPress plugin installation area.

Key Features…

  • Auto-Creates Your WC Plugin: Select your Facebook Page & download the WordPress plugin for Your WooCommerce shop.

  • Auto-Labeling For Customer Tracking: Automatically assign a label to the user/shopper on when they opt in.

  • Follow Up On Abandoned Purchases: Send several hourly reminders to customers about abandoned orders.

  • Purchase Confirmations:  Send customers confirmation messages on successful checkout.

  • Send 3 Types Of Follow Ups: Messenger, SMS & Email.

  • See Shop Statistics: See WooCommerce shop activity inside your Hero Apps Dashboard.

  • Cart Statistics: Track your WooCommerce shop’s cart activity.

  • Abandoned Cart Reports: See Abandoned cart report, recovered cart report, earnings summary & many more.

- Iron Clad -

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your new Hero Apps marketing tools just contact our help desk within 30 days of your purchase to request a refund of the purchase price, as simple as that.

Remember, You Get All All Features Of Hero Apps Unlocked Instantly Including…

Messenger BOT:

  • Reply with Text, File, Image, Audio, Video, Gif

  • Generic Template, Carousel Template, Media Template

  • Post Back Buttons, Quick Reply Buttons

  • Button of URL, Phone Number, Webview , User Birthday

  • Quick Reply button of user Email, Phone Number

  • Personalized Reply with First Name, Last Name

  • Sync existing leads & migrate as BOT subscribers

  • Subscriber Profile with gender, time zone & locale

  • Segment subscriber by post-back button click

  • Segment subscriber by private reply

  • Segment subscriber by adding label manually

  • Typing on Enable Option

  • Custom delay in each reply

  • Mark Seen Action enable option

  • Persistent Menu

  • Different Persistent Menu add for Different locale.

  • Your Brand URL set option in Persistent Menu

  • Collect Email from Quick Reply & MailChimp Integration

  • Collect Phone Number from Quick Reply

  • Download Email & Phone Number as CSV

  • Error reporting log of reply

  • Export bot settings

  • Save exported bot data as template

  • Admin can save exported bot data as template for users

  • Import exported bot data for any page

  • Visual & interactive tree view of full bot

Bulk Message Campaign:

  • Send Bulk Message to all subscribers

  • Emoji and spintax message

  • Full Report of Campaign (Delivery/Unsuccessful).

  • Custom Message with Individual Leads Name option.

  • Delay Option For Each Message Send.

  • Unsubscribe option with Messenger BOT Settings

  • Manual Unsubscribe Option.

  • Auto Unsubscribe Leads Who Blocked Page Message.

Auto Comment Tools:

  • Auto Comment on Page Post as Page

  • One-time & Periodic Comment

  • Serial & Random Periodic Comment

  • Auto Comment Template Management

  • Emoji and spintax comment

  • Choose Time & Date Interval of Comment

  • Increase Page Engagement

Comment BOT Tools:

  • Auto Private Reply for Post Comment.

  • Auto Private Reply with Template Message (image, video, buttons, quick reply, carousel, generic template)

  • Auto Comment Reply with Webhook as instant.

  • Auto Comment Reply for Post Comment.

  • Auto Like on Comment

  • Dark Post Reply

  • Reply Multi Image Post’s Each Image

  • Highly Customization Auto Private Reply & Comment Reply Text.

  • Filtering Word Based Auto Private Reply & Comment Reply Option.

  • Full Report of Auto Private Reply & Comment Reply.

  • Segment Subscribers

  • Emoji and spintax message

Page Inbox Manager:

  • Pages Message in One Place

  • All Unread Message in One Place.

  • Reply Option from One Place.

Facebook Posting:

  • RSS Auto-posting

  • Text, Image, Multi-image, Video & Link Post

  • Carousel & Slideshow Post

  • CTA Button Post

  • Schedule/Instant Post to Your All Facebook Pages with a Single Click.

  • Periodic Re-posting Ability

  • Enable Auto Comment Reply Campaign With Post.

  • Full Report of Posting

  • Emoji Library

Social Media Posting:

  • One click bulk post to 8 social media

  • Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress

  • Text, link, image & video posting

  • Campaign scheduling

SMS Marketing (READ MORE):

  • Import CSV Contact List

  • Integrate with Most Popular SMS Gateways (Twilio, Plivo, Clickatell, Nexmo, AfricasTalking, Msg91, SemySMS, RouteSMS etc)

  • Broadcast SMS to Messenger Collected Phone numbers

  • Broadcast SMS to Custom Imported List

  • Campaign Scheduling

  • SMS Notification During Phone OPT-IN Inside Messenger

Email Marketing (READ MORE):

  • Import CSV contact list & segmentation

  • Integrate with most popular email gateways (SMTP, Mailgun, Sendgrid, Mandrill etc)

  • Broadcast email to Messenger collected emails

  • Broadcast email to custom imported list

  • Campaign scheduling

  • Get email campaign report and open rate

  • Email notification during email OPT-IN inside Messenger

  • MailChimp autoresponder intergration

Comparison & Search Marketing (READ MORE):

  • Website Comparison (like, share, comment, description etc)

  • Place Search in Facebook (address, phone, website, Facebook page, like, reviews, check-in, about etc)

Analytical Marketing:

  • Facebook page analytics

  • Facebook page messenger analytics

  • Graphical reports & dashboards

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